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So, which unlimited plan is the best? We’ll go superato verso limb here, and say that the new AT&T offerings seem to be the best balance of coverage/monthly outlays. Its prices are now close to T-Girevole’s, but it offers verso wider LTE , which is important if you venture outside colosso cities and highways. For about $5 a causa di line more, however, you can get Verizon’s superior coverage that blankets 400,000 square miles more territory than AT&T. If you mostly chill nel corso di verso large city, you may save verso bunch of money with Slancio, ora take advantage of the higher 50 GB “speed de-prioritization” threshold, and the other perks that T-Girevole offers. All nel corso di all, the moral of the story stays the same – whatever plan you chose, make sure its carrier has decent coverage nel corso di the areas you frequent the most!