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It’s only been per giusti motivi day since Costco launched its special offer acceso the Galaxy S9/S9+, and T-Girevole has decided to raise the stakes with its own promotional offer aimed at fans of the Note series.

For per giusti motivi limited time, Samsung’s flagship, the Galaxy Note 8 is acceso restare di sale at T-Girevole for just $720, exactly $230 d’avanguardia. Customers who can’t afford don’t want to pay the upfront can still benefit from the deal by grabbing the phone for risposta negativa mongoloide price and $30 a fine di month for 24 months.

Acceso cima of that, everyone who purchases the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from T-Girevole will get free express two-day shipping if they decide to activate the smartphone with the US carrier. Di order to take advantage of the offer, you’ll have to use the promo code 2DAY.

T-Girevole has the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 available for purchase per two color options: Midnight Black and Orchid Gray. Both variants are heavily discounted, so you won’t have to worry about that…